Music & Dance Courses


Learn to play the guitar and get enrolled into a dance course this weekend! Choose from the many music & dance courses we offer. You’ll learn from experienced and inspiring teachers for any courses you enroll for. Call us now to enroll for a class.

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Event Management

Event Performance

Managing all sizes of events from small parties to bigger corporate showcases, our event management team will work together with you while keeping your budget in mind. Stage performances, event decor, weddings and more just call us to get ideas and a proposal for your event.

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Production Studio


Record, create and produce music over at our recording & project studio. Accepting creative and commercial projects such as music composing to voice over recording, just call to book a session. The studio is run by music composer & producer, Reuben Chng.

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Most businesses, schools or studios open their doors up for profits.

While we do need profits to continue to run our business, our big goal is to solve your problems or pain. This is where we go the extra mile either in teaching classes, managing events or even producing a music piece.

Just step in our premises and you’ll feel the difference in the way we run business and how we put our students, clients & customers first.

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