Studio Assistant Needed At Cat Studio

Studio Assistant Needed At Cat Studio

by Zen Loh, August 7, 2015

We’re looking for a studio assistant to help out in recordings and production at Cat Studio. The work we do at the Cat Studio might be a little different from your usual go-to recording studio. We are involved in more music projects for the commercial world (jingles, film, documentary, etc.) and only touch minorly in recording artists and bands.

Interested to be part of an exciting studio career + production opportunity? Best part is we’re looking for people with no experience at all, so we can train you to be a full-fledge producer.  You’ll be trained from zero to hero under Reuben ( himself.

Here are the requirements if you like to apply.


  • No experience needed. You’ll be trained to be a producer
  • Work daily. However you’ll have flexibility in your time
  • Good personal skills & character. (Remember, character wins!)
  • Motivated and eager to learn


What You’ll Do

Among your responsibilities as a studio assistant, you’ll be learning how to record, edit, mix and even master music productions in the studio. You’ll doing recordings for artists and also working in commercial projects for commercial names. In the past we’ve worked with companies such as Sony, Ridsect, Amee Philips, History Channel and more.

  • Be present for recording sessions
  • Take on mixing & mastering projects
  • Sound design projects & music composing projects
  • Be the face of the recording studio at Cat Studio.
  • Responsible for any students recordings at the Cat Studio.


Simply call us at 04 – 282 0062 or drop an email to We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your opportunity at The Cat Studio.


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    • Sean Chua
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    • August 13, 2015

    Hi this is Sean, I've been longing to improve myself in music producing while working with a team in a recording studio. This is a great opportunity for me to join you guys but unfortunately I'm still studying in a college. I'll be graduate soon on the coming March, by then I really wish that I'll have the chance once again to join you guys. Hopefully you guys will have vacancies again soon after my graduation. Cheers.

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