7 Benefits of Ballet Dancing – Child Development

7 Benefits of Ballet Dancing – Child Development

by Zen Loh, September 4, 2015

Ballet dancing is an incredibly popular activity for children of all ages nowadays. On this page, we are going to take a little look at a few of the benefits of ballet dancing and why, if your child suggests it, you should allow them to attend a few lessons.


  1. It is fun! Honestly, children are bogged down by education nowadays. You will be surprised at how stressed children get, even at a young age. Ballet dancing will give them a chance to ‘unwind’ and just eradicate all of their stress. It is fantastic!
  2. If you love ballet too, then it provides a perfect opportunity to bond with your child. In fact, even if you do not love ballet, the thrill of going to see your child perform and to help them practice is also going to be brilliant. Your life may end up taking different paths later on, but you can always bond over your child’s performance.
  3. Ballet is hard. It may not look it, but, ballet is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult dances out there. Your child will learn the value of hard work. They will be able to push their limits, both mentally and physically, and they are going to end up a much better person as a result.
  4. Ballet teaches persistence. At the start, your child is not even going to be able to perform a fraction of the moves that they are shown in ballet classes. Eventually, however, they will persist and they will push their body to the point where they can do something which was seemingly impossible in the past. This is an excellent thing to happen. After all, a child will start to learn that this is a frame of mind which can be applied to their everyday life. They will learn that by pushing themselves, they can accomplish whatever they want, no matter what it is.pre-dance
  5. Ballet will teach your child discipline. If they really wish to succeed in the world of ballet, they are going to need to listen to each and every instruction given by their ballet teacher, right down to a tee. This, again, is something which they are going to be using for the rest of their life. Discipline is always a good skill to have, whether you are studying or in the workplace.
  6. Ballet dancing is an incredibly intensive sport on a physical level. It is a brilliant way to exercise. After all, you never see a ballet dancer who is out of shape, right? Right from an early age, you will be able to start to teach your child the importance of being fit.
  7. Ballet, if performed at a decent level, actually looks good on a resume when applying for certain jobs. Sure, an employer may not care all that much about ballet, but it shows that the person who performed ballet is a disciplined character who is able to follow instructions.

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