Prefer playing folk, jazz and pop music? The acoustic guitar would be your ideal instrument.
As compared to classical guitar, many people prefer playing the acoustic folk guitar as they can play their favourite pop music.

Why learn to play the guitar? It’s a healthy curriculum and playing the guitar isn’t as hard as you may think it is. In fact, most of our students are able to play their first song or two, within 1-2 weeks of learning and being mentored by our instructors at Cat Studio.

A Popular Instrument

Acoustic guitar is probably one of the most popular instruments on planet earth. People simply love playing the guitar as it is versatile and they’re able to play in many styles. In fact, playing the acoustic guitar makes you look a whole lot cooler.

Join our acoustic guitar classes in Penang and learn to play one of the most popular instrument!

Who Should Learn Acoustic Guitar?

Our acoustic guitar courses at The Cat Studio can be catered for the casual player or for students who wants to enroll in guitar examinations.

The classes are open for students of any age starting from 4 years old up to adults.

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