Posterize yourself

Learning the ballet dance is indeed a lovely thing to do. It is a lovely & graceful dance after all. Seen how dancers are so graceful, when you dance on the dance floor un-gracefully? Yes it’s about posture. Getting a correct posture for yourself and your children is an important one in growing up. See how ballerinas and people who dance carry themselves. We’re sure they carry themselves more elegantly with pride. So get some movements and dance learnt, taught by our dance instructors who are ballerinas themselves too. *Look at how they walk* And stop hunching your back, grow with good posture! And no, your feets won’t be damaged by dancing, instead it’ll inhabit a good feet posture

Visualize yourselves, Start Young & Grow Smart

Parents constantly tell their children, to save save & save money. It works the same in ballet and education. Start early and benefit faster. Ballet & dancing is not about just dancing. Dance is under the art category, and this means as you dance, learn & follow the ballet teacher, you’re thinking and coordinating. This improves the left brain and strengthen it. As a result, your potentials are more unleashed and you eventually visualize yourself. And oh, did we forget to mention that the learning curves works faster when people are younger, especially children? However worry not, if you are not a child. Chances of adults giving up are higher, but with a strong will and heart, many adults have actually took up ballet dance during their early mids.

Relatively Efficient Classes

Ever gone to a dance class with so many people, you felt you got no attention? This is not a problem at The Cat Studio, Dance School in Penang to learn ballet. While many other studios might have big classes to profit faster, we do not follow that. With classes up to 10 students maximum in the dance studio, there’s no reason one might not learn in the class. And with ongoing dance performances arranged by The Cat Studio in various public places, get double the value to learn ballet dance with affordable course fees.

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