by Zen Loh, June 4, 2015

More Than A Dance To Impress

Breakdancing is not only fun but very physically challenging as well. It requires lots of focus and precision, thus you’ll learn not only great control but great mental focus as well.

Breakdance is more than a dance made to impress people. It is also a dance of expression and a great way for teens to use up their energy.

Breakdancing from Scratch

We offer beginner break dancing classes from dance instructors who are also B-boys themselves. Our classes are conducted as individual private classes or even as a group, so for any inquiries you may have about the class schedules and how you may join, just give us a call at 04-282 0062

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  • Is this for real? In penang? Bcs i'm so in love with ppl who dance and i wanted to try but i dont know how.

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