Classical Singing

by Zen Loh, June 4, 2015

The Natural Instrument

Probably the best gift given to us, our voice is a natural instrument. And believe it or not, everyone can sing. It’s probably the lack of proper singing techniques and mentoring that we hear some people sing awful.

Even if you believe you are tone deaf, there’s a cure for that. Everyone has different timbre and textures to their singing. That is what makes every singer unique, meaning that your voice belongs to your completely and is uniquely yours.

Explore Classical Vocal Singing

Most music and songs today will have vocals in it, however there are many types of singing you can explore at our music school.

Classical singing are quickly being forgotten these days but it remains as the type of singing that requires the most techniques and practice to master.

Why learn classical music? While learning classical singing might not make you a popstar immediately, with the classical singing course, you’ll learn the proper singing techniques that would take your singing to the next level.

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