A Popular One

Introducing one of the most popular instruments in the world, the Guitar. Just right after the king of instruments, the pianos, Guitars are next. Guitars are so versatile and good in producing many different unique sound, you actually hear guitars in nearly every song you hear in the radios today.


What Style Are You

Choose from a variety of styles to play and learn with your guitar. There is classical guitar, where most of the time you pluck on the strings of the classical guitar. International examinations are also provided for classical guitar courses, from Grade 1 up to Grade 8 and then diplomas. You could also choose the folk guitar where more strumming would be learnt, and you would be able to strum the guitar and sing a long in a short period of learning. Then, there is the electric guitar. Electric guitar, by itself is a wide subject. Techniques of playing the electric guitar includes strumming, plucking & shredding, all with combined effects. They’re used a lot by todays music. Lastly, the Bass Guitar. Bass guitar is obviously are played as bass. Not many people play the bass guitar, so why not you pick up the bass guitar!?

Boys over Girls?

Many are those who thinks guitars are rather for boys, but that is not definitely true. The reason for this thinking is that guitars are for rough people & boyish people. Not True. Everyone can play the guitar, it just really matters if you’re mixing with the right crowd. Rest assured, we’re not Gansters of The Cat Studio, the school of music, Penang.

Interesting girl guitarist Orianthi Panagaris, plays for Michael Jackson. Heard few of MJ’s songs with killer guitar slicks in it? Yes it’s Orianthi and she’s a girl!

Your Choice, Our Selections!

Choose what you want. What kind of guitar you want to learn, in our guitar course? Got that figured out? Then move on to choose whether you want a 1 to 1 class or you prefer a group class?. We at The Cat Studio, Music School in Penang, would select from our few qualified music teachers to suit you. Some teachers are more suitable teaching kids, some are better off conducting classes for adults & teenagers. Yes, we are that professional. Selecting the best music teacher for your benefits.

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