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by admin, January 13, 2010

The Blowing Family

Course for woodwinds at The Cat Studio are the Saxophone(Alto) and Saxophone(Soprano). Most blowing instruments are found in school bands & orchestras, but this does not matter you can’t take up blowing instruments. Some great musicians like Kenny G plays the saxophones, don’t have to be in a concert band. It could go lots of ways, from soloist, rock bands, to big brass bands & orchestras.

Good for Those Who Started

Are you a a student and playing some woodwinds in your school orchestra? Then this is a good bonus for you, to advance faster  in your musical experience. Why? In our woodwind class at the Cat studio, Music School in Penang, we also include theory studies together with your practical lessons. Learning music theory is like a learning the road rules & car functionality before driving the car. So students who learn woodwinds, saxophones , etc in our woodwinds classes should not miss theory classes too.

Choose the Specialized

Choose us! The Cat Studio, Music school in Penang that offers the best music classes. We have a a strong reasons for stating we’re the best. Music teachers teaching the music classes here for the woodwinds are all band players themselves. They are concert bands conductors also, and our teachers actually teaches school bans in neighboring schools. This means, we have specialized teacher for the music courses you are going for. Why learn under a school or a private teacher which only have experience as a solo player? Go for the best one!

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    • yeap sook lee
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    • January 22, 2010

    i m interested in flute...so can i have more detail about flute?? like time,fees??

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