It’s in The Family

Choose your choice from Violin, Violin & Cello the main instruments under the “Strings” category! Being the essentials instruments to form an orchestra, there’s no mistake to it. Strings is one of an important & impressive instrument in the world of music. Violins being most popular as it versatile plus most violinist plays as ‘lead’, meaning in layman terms, the Main melody. Viola next, looks like a violin with the difference of being slightly bigger thus giving a bold and mellow sound. And then the Cello, providing great bass and warm sounding tone.

Learning one of these puts you into a unique position. Go around and tell people you play strings! It ain’t easy. And stand out playing as a soloist!

Learn,Play & Perform as You Go – The New Way

At The Cat Studio, Music School in Penang, we’re not always with the traditional mind. Many who think violins are all classical and traditional, however we do Jazz & Pop as well. And we do public performance on top of that. Scared to be on stage, let us cure that fright of yours. Living in the twentieth century, music simply have to evolve. Of course we do not ditch the classical studies, we still do the classical studies(ABRSM)  in our violin class but adding new age music would not hurt but enhance!

Good for All

The strings courses depending on what you choose would be great for all ages, except the Cello. Violins & Violas comes in all sizes made suiting children from the age of 4 to adults of any age. Be a little careful on this though. Do not go around to buy any violins or violas you think is good. Take our expertise getting the Correct Size for you or your child. Getting wrong sizes can affect children’s growth. On the other hand, people who wants to take up Cello needs to be of some age. As cellos are bigger in size, we would recommend at least an age of  8 before starting the cello.

Qualified Music Instructors who Performs

Learning violin, viola or cello or music itself, you would want good qualified teachers. Let us teach you the correct way. Our instructors are qualified with certificates & musicians themselves who perform just about everywhere in Penang, in Malaysia and sometimes even over the seas. Just don’t step in a place without expertise and end up regretting after wasting time, getting unwanted results & worst of all, ending up with a bad posture.

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