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The Cat Studio professional drum teacher’s, Randall Lam.

Drumming is one great experience. Now don’t get pushed back by
thinking drumming is just for the so called gangsters. No it isn’t. Why would one say that? Drumming is a wonderful art to pursue. While most of other instruments plays melody lines and serenade, on drums, we play Rhythm! Looking further into the music aspect, drums gives a backbone to songs. Supposed in your band, you had a lousy drummer, that’s it, with the backbone broken, your band will never go far.

We would think drums are good for people who are active. If you feel you’re not the notes person, who reads music notes and play melodies, then go rhythm and feel.. the Drums! On a side note, are you a parent of an autistic child? Then this is your bonus for you! It’s a challenging instrument, where you have to coordinate between both your hands and legs. Are you up for the challenge of coordination? Give it a go!

A Good Benefit? No, it Comes with Three!      

Physical. Mental. Musical. These are the key benefits you get from learning drums. Physically wise, drumming includes lots of movements. That’s exercising, and count the calories burned as you hammer the drums! Train your brain to take orders from you ask you teach your brain to coordinate your hands and legs. This brings focus to your mind, and you work on your focusing ability of your mind. Getting an active kid to learn drums, makes use of their excess energy to focus on something very goof and physical. Learning the drums at any age, would be good for you, to keep you active, keep thinking and to keep you in the know. Worry not. Being a drummer is still a musician. Being in a group or band playing, gives you that great confidence. We have all felt it

Drums at The Cat Studio? Why?

A question to wonder. Does anybody  knows how to teach drums? Everyone says they know how, are they doing it the effective way? At The Cat Studio, Music School in Penang, our drum classes are unique. It’s not just about plain ol’ drumming. We let you play along with songs with different drums beats or grooves. And doing so, makes you feel like you’re in a band. you can’t slow down, you can’t speed up. You have to play together with the music. And to make things even better at The Cat Studio, record your drumming and produce your own CD every few months to track your progress! And the best part, all this, included in your drum course. No extra fee.


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