Latin Dance

by Zen Loh, June 4, 2015

Latin Dancing – Gaining Popularity on The Dance Floor

Latin was famously known for its sensual hip action and sexy flair, which is also the beauty of art of Latin dancing. It can be dance with either couple or individual. If you are a shy person, and would love to be more outstanding, Latin dancing would be a right choice for you because it allows you to bump into new friends and  boost your self confidence.

Easy To Pick Up

Don’t worry if you do not have any basic dancing skills as Latin dance is easy to learn. Most of the dance steps are made up of the same basic footsteps. It’s easy to grasp the technique of the dance but yet takes some effort to master.

Wondering about the ages to join? That’s not a concern because Latin dance is suitable for everyone no matter which age, children or adults.

Small & Efficient Latin Dance Class

Hate finding yourself lost in big classes? We purposely made our Latin dance classes at Cat Studio small, so you’ll be able to pick up easily while getting the attention from our instructors.

Call us today to get yourself enrolled.

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