Play the King!

It’s time to learn to play the king of all instruments!, namely the PIANO.

Why is the piano popular, called the king of instruments & widely played  throughout the world, by people of all ages? Simply because the piano is  versatile. Everything is possible on a piano, from playing funky bass-lines  to chords & running melody notes, it is all possible on a piano.

Music Which is Like No Other

 Why learn piano? It is one of the most popular instrument around, and by learning it,  one  might be able to utilize his/her skills anywhere; in school, at church, in  performances or  even at home. Playing the piano also improves your thinking skills,  and this is fairly  important for kids in child development.


Good Classes by The Cat Studio

We provide Piano & Keyboards classes at The Cat Studio, Music School Penang. Students have the option of choosing the mode of course, whether to learn and play leisurely or taking exams from ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal School Music) yearly from Grade 1 to Grade 8 and up to Diplomas level. We guarantee that or teaching techniques by our trained qualified teachers will work for you, no matter which age.

Piano classes are available for children from age of 4 years old minimum. Call us  to ask about more info & schedule your classes!


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