The Cat Studio Teachers

by Zen Loh, October 14, 2015


Miss Ang is the head principal at The Cat Studio. She is in charge of managing the school and also planning for events and activities for each and every student at Cat Studio. Also the principal piano teacher, she enjoys teaching piano and music theory to the younger age groups – children.

Miss Ang – Principal, Piano Instructor



Rebecca is our school violin, ballet and cello teacher’s. She is also a very professional dancing violinist which has a lot of performances experience in different kinds of events and dinners. As a ballet and music teachers, she is a lovely teacher’s and she can communicate with the children.

Rebecca Ch’ng – Ballet, Violin, and Cello Instructor


reuben1Reuben is the Audio Mentor at The Cat Studio, who expert in recording, editing and mixing for any music production. He has been worked with parties such as Sony, Amee Philips, History Channel and other more. Also, he is an entrepreneur who runs a branding and advertising firm too.

Reuben Ch’ng – Audio Mentor



randall1Randall is one of the best and well-known drum instructor in Penang. He has great passion on drumming and his student has no age range, from children to adult.

Randall Lam – Drum Instructor



valentino1Valentino is one of the piano instructors at The Cat Studio. He is good in teaching students who are in a higher grade. He always wanted his student to play piano with full passionate and scored good grade in examinations.

Valentino Loh – Piano Instructor



sky1Sky is one of our guitar teachers who knows to play every type of guitar such as acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, and ukulele as well. He has more than 20 years of experience in playing guitar.

Sky – Guitar Instructor




Steven is our vocal constructor, who had been studied music in Tokyo Music & Media Arts Shobi and Toho Gakuen School of Music in Tokyo, Japan. He also talented in vocal performances such as opera singing performance.

 Steven Lim – Vocal Singing Instructor



saxophone1Henderson is our one and only saxophone constructor in The Cat Studio. Although he is young but he have eight years of experience in playing saxophone. He also played keyboard and bass as well.

Henderson Ooi – Saxophone Instructor




Grace is the youngest and energetic teacher’s in our music. She is talented hip hop dance, and mainly teaching girl’s hip hop.

Grace – Hip Hop Instructor





Jorine is the only teacher who teaches both vocal and piano. She has a great voice and also very patient in teacher the children’s. Jorine also teaches choir in primary school as well with more than five years of experiences.

Jorine Har – Vocal & Piano Instructor




Peterson is our acoustic and classical guitar teacher which has five years of teaching experiences in our music school. He is very kind and patient in teaching his student.

Ashley Peterson – Guitar Instructor

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