The Ukulele – A Simple Instrument

Always confused as the smaller guitar, the Ukulele has a different string style than the guitar. If you’re thinking of learning something new for fun, pick up the Ukulele!

It’s impossible to not be able to learn the Ukulele, because playing it is really easy. One of our student were able to play the Ukulele and sing along after a 1 hour class session!

Ukulele is also suitable for guitar beginner students as a secondary instrument and also for students with very small hands. The Ukulele can also be carried to almost any occasion is almost perfect to take along when travelling.

Ukulele Classes – Cat Studio

Ukulele classes are one to one, taught by professional teachers. You’ll be able to play a song or two just after a single class session, we guarantee you that!
Call us at 04-282 0062 for more inquires.

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