by Zen Loh, June 4, 2015

The most widely recognized musical instrument

Violin is well-known by almost every children and adults of all ages. It is a beautiful instrument that produces sweet sounding melody lines, if played correctly.

Did you know playing the violin has a lot of benefits? An interesting fact about  playing the violin is that you could burn approximately 170 calories per hour, simply by playing it. Maybe it’s time to stop working out and start playing the violin instead!

It’s Never Too Late To Learn Playing The Violinviolin-class

Many people love to learn how to play the violin. It’s never too late to learn how to play the violin, no matter what age you are.

Some people say that your fingers will become too stiff to play the violin as you age, however we have seen so many adult students playing the violin.

Violin Class in Penang  

We can boast that we offer the best violin classes in Penang taught by our experienced and certified violin teachers. With the one to one classes practiced at The Cat Studio, you’ll only be learning with focus from the best teachers.

Call us today to get enrolled into our violin classes.

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